Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Do We Poop When We're Nervous?

Bode post-Open WOD 14.2
I don't know why, but I was shocked at peoples' comments to the article I was quoted in on The Herald.
We just assumed that if we went to J&M Diner at 7:30am on a Saturday, we would avoid waiting for a table.  But, shockingly, we still had to wait 5-10 minutes for the three of us to get a seat.  WHAT!?!
I got JIPPED out of my 4 Paleo Challenge points today!  When I ordered my veggie omelet with 2 sunny side eggs on top "to serve as the cheese" (of course, no potatoes or toast), I must've forgotten to specifically say I didn't want cheese at all.  So, I had to just suck it up. lose the point even though I was totally fine with just going plain omelet, and be glad that I didn't have the home fries that I usually let myself cheat on.  Jonah got his Nutella stuffed french toast, and Bode stuck with his usual scrambled eggs and fruit bowl.
Bode tried out his hand-me-down skis from the Neebs for the very first time ever today…in our front yard.  He cried the entire time.  Hated it.  Maybe it's because the boots were so big his feet didn't even reach the bottom of the insides.
My studs.
And, best buds.
Jonah and his buddies designed this killer Lego spaceship today.
I mean, seriously.
It's like clockwork.  Before every workout at CFNE, you are guaranteed to see a minimum of 80% of the women dart in to the locker room to pee when the coach gives the 2 minute warning.

What is also like clockwork is how before every competition (including the Open workouts), women and men can be found racing to the bathroom multiple times before their heat goes off to go #2.

So, what is the deal with that?  I NEVER go #2 after the morning…unless I drink coffee (which gets me going sometimes) or am competing in a competition.  But, last night, for example, I must've went #2 2-3 times during my warm-up.  What is that?

I've read a little bit about how your body goes into survival mode when you get nervous, but I'm not entirely clear on how that relates.

All I know is this: generally speaking, we all do it and most of us are walking around totally clueless about what's going on.

I'll get to the bottom of this.


Baby Bergeron Training:
10 rounds of
200 meter run
5 strict handstand push-ups
15 wall balls (14#)

Paleo Challenge Points:
Heather = 3
Ben = 5


  1. What about heavy front squats?? Because those always make me feel like I might poop.

  2. Paleo challenge - Thurs and Fri 5 points, Sat 0, Sun 5 points.