Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kaitlyn Miklinevich: The Naughtiest Of All Nooners.

Carpet Mulching.
This guy.  Will he ever grow a neck?
If you've never met or spent any time with Kaitlyn Miklinevich, you've been missing out.

I'm not sure exactly what it is that I love the most about this girl; my list is pretty long.

For starters, unless she's in the middle of training this girl has a perms-smile on her adorable little head.  I'm not sure if she's ever been in a bad mood, ever had a bad driving experience, or ever had someone say something mean to her.  Because if she has had any one of those things happen, or anything even remotely close, I have never crossed paths with her on a day when any of that occurred.  At least if it has, she has never shown up at CFNE with so much as a trace of any of it on her face.

Or, maybe I love the course her hair as taken over the time that I've known her.  I'm not sure which is my favorite: the spiky boy-cut or the helmet she has so proudly been growing through for the last few months.

She is one of the more dedicated, most driven athletes I've ever coached.  I love that I was there to witness her most recent major accomplishment: her first muscle-up on the high rings.

But, what I might be most intrigued with is her level of comfort with herself.  Believe me, I have tried on many occasions to shock people with some pretty understandably unspoken topics (Brazilian waxes, stench crotches, infected butt holes, toilet skid marks, menstrual cycles, "twigs and berries", tea bagging, accidentally exposed nipples, self-tanning, the "correct" number of toilet paper squares for every wiping situation, thong wedgies)…and, this chick has always managed to one-up me.  Nothing cracks this girl.  She always has something to share that makes me feel like a total rookie.

So, here's to you, Kaitlyn.  Here's to your smile, your helmet head, your free spirit, your open book personality, and your way of making us all feel like nothing we do can ever be as naughty as what's going on in your pretty little head.

You're the best :)

Baby Bergeron Training:
1. 5x5 Overhead squats @ 95#

2. "Heavy Grace"
30 Clean & jerks @ 135#

3. On the 2 minute for 10 minutes:
200 meter run

Paleo Challenge Points:
Heather = 4
Ben = 5


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! Kaitlyn is awesome! Naughty and nice all rolled into one! She is also an encouraging partner during a WOD, has good tips to share on technique, and always wears the worlds shortest shorts. I miss her at noon! Whenever I see Mrs. Potts, I will forever think of Kaitlyn and smile.

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  3. No way, Heather, YOU and the rest of my nooners are definitely the best :) My perma-smile is due in no small part to all of you lovely people at CFNE, and I'm proud and flattered to hold the title of Naughtiest Nooner. Just THINK of all the gems I'm saving up for when I quit my job and make my triumphant return to the noon class (in my tiny shorts)!

    Here's one to tide you over: Yesterday, one of my co-workers told a group of colleagues that I told him he had a big package. Yeah, that happened.

    1. (Not that I don't have love for the 6:30AMers too, of course)

  4. Miss all of you nooners! Bode pic is priceless.

  5. Paleo challenge - 5 points Weds and Thurs.