Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Instagram Etiquette

Maura Dolan handed down an entire bag of clothing to me that I am IN LOVE with.  You can't even imagine.  I feel like I just went on a shopping spree.  Now, I just need to make room in my own closet to find space for these.  Time to hunt down someone who will love my clothes as much as I did :)
Cannot WAIT to start coming to playgroup in September of next year :)
Lucked out!  Saw a helicopter landing right in front of our car on Speen Street.

It was THAT exciting.  Slept in the garage for 2 hours.
This poor little medicine ball.  Can't take how fit our members are.
"I'M STUCK."  Such a turtle.
So, she's a big kid at the counter now.
Ali Leblanc gave this bucket of squishy snow balls to Bode for Christmas last year.  They're STILL playing with them.
Working on Jonah's room a little.  Finally hung some pictures on the wall.  More to come :)
Jonah babysat for 50 minutes while I went to Nobles to pick up Maya.  He did a GREAT job.  I got to check up on him a few times while I was out.  Here he's doing "magic" with Harley :)
Maya beating the crap out of Jonah tonight.  I love watching them do this.  So cute.
I had a situation today where I had to try to explain to someone how I found something they posted on Instagram inappropriate.

In the midst of trying to explain that, I realized that a lot of what we Crossfitter's post could easily fall into the category of "inappropriate".  But, for some reason, within our little Crossfit world most of what we post is totally acceptable.

It's like this: if I were to attempt to explain the "guidelines" of what's appropriate and what's not, it would be almost impossible to distinguish a clear line.

Having said that, it is so blatantly obvious when someone has gone over that very indistinguishable line.

I will say, though, that the person I confronted dealt with the whole thing very well...so, that was a huge relief.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday Photo Post

My early morning walk through Milford Center, the town that my family spent summers in when I was young.  They retired there, but we don't spend a ton of time down there right now because of the little kids (travel, cribs, etc.).  They're starting to grow out of that rough age where it's hard to travel, so hopefully I'll get to do this more often.  I miss this town and my spending time with my family so much.

Where we said goodbye to one of my favorite people I have ever met, my Pa.

My favorite cafe in Milford.  It's packed in the morning, afternoon, and night when they host live music, bourbon tasting, wine, and just tons of people laughing and having a ton of fun.
I have never had such a positive experience with a tech over the phone as I did with an Apple guy who totally fixed my computer while I sat in my cafe and sipped espresso.  
Ben finally woke up and joined me so he could kick off his day with a chai tea, like a real man.
You would think that my father's car is arguably cleaner than mine...
and, then you see this in his door.  #winning
My mom keeps a stuffed animal turtle in her car.  For herself.
Bode on my Dad's moped.

Katrin sent me this from Iceland; this ice cream is insane.  But, she's trying to drop 2 pounds before her lifting competition this week so she's only sampling the smoked salmon.  Lifting competitions suck for that very reason.

Ben's Dad calls me DIL for "daughter in law".  I call him FIL.  I'm trying to teach him the language of emojis. 
Sitting in the back row is the bomb.  I need to hire a driver for every day.

Except that I'm enormous back here.  Poor Jonah.
Baby feet :)
You always know when Chad and Sybil are around.