Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Photo Post

Spent the morning at the Needham playground with all of the kids except Jonah. 
She might exceed the weight and height limit for this equipment.
And, she's not the most coordinated kid I know.

Then, we grabbed Jonah and headed to Lookout Farm to pick some apples and asian pears. 

Baby Harley Love with my Dad. 

My mom and her sister, Tita.  These two are twinsies, but not "twins". 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Make People Feel Good About Themselves

Took the kids to the Wellesley-Natick football game at Wellesley High today.  Ben was torn between sitting in Wellesley's stands because he used to play for them, or in Natick's because that's where we live now.  I insisted on sitting for Natick, but I feel like that's not the last I'm going to hear about that. 

Bear with me because I am in one of those deep, dark parenting holes where you feel like you shouldn't even be allowed to raise children in the first place.  I keep telling Harley to run away now before I screw up her life, too.

I know I'll probably look back on this period of time a couple of years from now and laugh, but I have trouble believing that through the gallons of tears that I'm shedding these days.

Everything's fine.  Ben keeps reminding me that our kids are all healthy.  But, I guess I should've seen this coming: Jonah just started middle school, Maya started high school, we have a 3 1/2 month old infant, we share the two older kids with my ex-husband's family, and Bode...well, Bode's a two year old boy.

I'm not trying to lay out a laundry list (what's a laundry list, anyways???) of excuses, I'm just saying that life seems more complicated right now than ever before.

I went to lay down in bed early last night to try and calm down and Ben showed up with a bottle of wine and two glasses to try and make me feel better.  I was so down that I didn't even want the wine.  That was the true sign that things were really bad.

I'm just at that point when you realize something's wrong in how you're doing things, but you have no idea how to fix it.

Ernie Parizeau (from the 9:30 class) was telling me about how his mother raised something like 8 kids on her own after his father passed away.  He says she did an amazing job and they're all great people, doing great things in life.

He asked her once what the secret was, and her answer was, "You just have to make kids feel good about themselves."

I love that.  It makes it sound so doable.  I can definitely make my kids feel good about themselves.  And, it's such a simple way to help them get motivated, want to be active, search out goals and crave the idea of achieving them.

Think about it: making someone feel good about themselves makes them want to be an even better person.

That's what we all need to do for our kids, our friends, our parents, our co-workers, our neighbors...everyone.

Just make people feel good about themselves.