Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Photo Post



Fail.  Epic fail.  Looks like whipped cream, but it's actually too much protein powder and super starch in my shaker bottle. Needed it after 15.5.
Walked in on this at Friday Night Lights.
Lucie Hobart.  One of my favorite women on the planet.

Post-15.5 beer in a shaker bottle with residual protein and starch from my post-workout shake.  Disgusting.
It tasted like Spring Break in college.
Like a homeless person's shopping cart.
Those are Ben's nails.  Great nail beds, not so great filing job.  He had kalesprouts in Park City.  I think that's what they're called; a cross between kale and brussel sprouts.
Why is it that every night I don't get aggressively hungry until immediately after I brush my teeth.  This is what I ate right after I brushed my teeth Friday night: 3-egg veggie omelet with hot sauce.
I do this.  A lot.
Sent this yesterday to my new bestie, Tracy O'Donnell.
The only time I ever let Bode watch television: weekend mornings.
Trimming down our pots and pans collection.
Took the kids to the "toy store" yesterday (code for "consignment store where everything is 10% of the price at a real toy store and I get things for free because I sell them all of the kids outgrown clothing and toys").
"New" toys :)
LOVE these ladies.  Such a great group of physically strong, emotionally strong, motivated, inspirational, positive, open-minded, hysterically funny, gorgeous, supportive, committed girls.  Do you know how hard it is to find that?  I love that these girls are role models for Maya.  One of the reasons she is such an incredible 14 year old girl.
She killed it.  Hung with all of us Games athletes the whole time.  She finished in 9 minutes.  One of the best times in the gym.  Best time for her age group in our region so far.

Mother-daughter bonding session.  I take care of my girl :)
Waving goodbye to this crew on my way to team training yesterday: Maya babysat Harley and Bode.  Easiest $50 a teenager can make.  They fell asleep 30 minutes after I left, and woke up an hour after I got home.  Maya slept the entire time they did.  If only we could make a living like that.
Competitors get-together at our place.  I can't believe we eat potato chips and think it's not that bad because the bag says "Cape Cod".
"It's OK, it's gluten-free BBQ chicken with caramelized onions and bacon."  Riiiiight.
Bill's sells Max's creation, "The Firebreather".  The only things I recognized on it was sausage, pineapple, bacon, and jalapeƱos.  But, there was a lot of other stuff, too.  It was amazing.
Cheryl made this incredible salad with goat cheese, onions, strawberries, toasted walnuts, and some great dressing.
Harry: "Heather, where do you keep your cutting board?"  "Ummm,  that enormous block of wood right next to you."  That was after he almost used my iPad as a cutting board because it was the same color as his cutting board at home.  Wow.
SOOO fun/relaxing hanging out with these guys late night (code for after 8pm...notice it's still late night and I actually considered that "late night").