Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Being Adaptable

The fact that Hobart is walking around with no shoelaces on his sneakers stresses me out.
My birthday card from Eva Claire.

The Far Side.

You're both nuts!

That was actually my new laptop cover, but when Leblanc walked in and saw it she was obsessed with it and said she was ordering one immediately.  So, we just swapped instead!  Hers actually looks way better with my new backpack, anyways :)

I will be devastated if these people put Freddie away after Halloween.

Nice comment, Hobart.

This was him cracking up over his comment on Bode's picture.  Pure evil runs through this boy's veins.

Alex, Harry, and Bode...bro-in' out hard.

Got me some Harley Love time today during Maya's field hockey game at Nobles.  I got her a new Pura Vida bracelet, too :)

Maybe one of the nicest days of the Fall so far.

I've been playing around with my iPhone's new camera features.  Worked pretty well on cleaning up the highlights and shadows in this one.  Impressive.

Maya needed to swing by Alex's to grab something, so I broke into their chip cabinet and packed the three of us some sweet potato tortilla chip snack bags for the ride home.  Naughtayyyyyy.

Paul B. in the house for dinner tonight as a thank you to him for decorating our front lawn with killer Halloween dec's.

This kid didn't eat a bite off that awesome Halloween plate.  Not one.

A reader's response that got me thinking about yesterday's post on friendships:
I think the greatest gift we can give our kids is how to develop a REAL friendship with someone...I think with all the "playdates" and sports teams, after school activities that our kids never have REAL time to spend, for long periods of time I mean, with friends where you really have a chance to know what they like, what they are afraid of, what makes them laugh... being able to get to a deeper level with someone is SO important in life...

I have friends who say "I don't want my child to have a best friend, I want them to float with all different groups and be with different kids all the time- it's too exclusive to have a best friend"
I disagree. I think that if we want our kids to marry someone great and have that person be their best friend they have to actually practice having a best friend in life before that.  Being able to be yourself, have an argument and get over it and move on are the best lessons for a successful happy life.

By having all those deep relationships with friends over the years you have mastered how to have successful relationships...they were all part of the puzzle of who you have become. Just so you know...most of us miss our friends and would love to have them in our daily life...

When I used to workout at Boston Sports Club, I used to spend a lot of my "rest" time (there was a whole lot of that going on back then since I used to spend more time sitting around talking than actually exercising) looking around.

One of the things I remember watching all of the time were the trainers with their 1-on-1 clients: whether they were actually paying attention to the client or the other people in the room, what movements they had them doing, how the client was responding to them, their energy levels.

But, one of the things I used to always be so impressed with was how flexible and adaptable the trainers were to their environment.  In other words, I used to wonder how they would so seamlessly move from one machine to the next without ever having to wait for someone else to stop using the piece of equipment they had lined up next on their client's list of exercises to do.

I always wondered if they were all just getting lucky with their timing, or if they were actually changing things up as they went along to accommodate the equipment and space use in the room.

I see our coaches doing the same thing now and it's obvious that they're just tweaking things as they go; they're being flexible and pulling it off without anyone even being able to notice.  They're not complaining to their clients about having to wait or not having enough of something.  They're not hovering over other athletes training, making it obvious that they're being inconvenienced.  And, they're not arguing or making it known at all that they're having to make a new game plan than what they had on the schedule for that moment.

I think that's such an impressive quality that I try to use in my own life outside of the gym as much as possible.  Being able to adapt to unexpected situations without missing a beat or making it known to anyone around you is something I think takes a lot of patience and requires a really good sense of what the big picture is.

Every now and then I'll catch myself making some comment to someone (strangers, my kids, other athletes in the gym) about how much of a pain it was to have to change up what I was planning to do, but I'm getting good at realizing how gross that makes me feel.

It's always so much more impressive to notice when someone else clearly makes those on-a-whim changes, and then pulls it off gracefully and as if it was part of their plan the whole time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrong or Different?

It's too bad this kid isn't cute.

Susan gave him the three little toy trains on Sunday (aka. he wouldn't leave without them, so she had no choice in the matter), and he's been obsessed with them ever since.  Won't go anywhere without them.  So, today we put them in this backpack so he wouldn't lose them when he went to the gym to meet Bushey.  Yes, there are only 3 little trains in that ginormous backpack.  But, it works.
One of the best things that's ever happened to our family: our pediatrician, Michael McKenzie.  At 4 1/2 months, this kid weighs in at 15.12 pounds of pure smiles.  She got 4 shots at her 11am appointment, cried her little eyes out (so much for the "pure smiles") until she was gagging, and has been asleep in the car ever since (it's now 2:47pm).
I am so glad that we ended up getting a flag this year.  I can't believe it took us that long, actually.  Every morning when I put it up, I swear this rush of pride runs through my veins.  I just feel like I'm doing the right thing by flying it on our home; we have so many friends that have laid it all out there to protect us.  It's the least we can do to say thank you for keeping all of us safe.  And, I love seeing it when I pull around the corner at the top of our street.  So proud.
If you haven't seen the video I posted of these two from this morning on Facebook or Instagram, it may be time to sign up for an account.  They are totally out of control.
Ben ran into this poster in the CrossFit HQ offices where he's meeting as a board member to talk about the upcoming Level 4 Certificate.  That was maybe one of the most torturous workouts I've ever done in my life.  Blew the Ironman away.  I, honestly, thought I might die out there on that competition floor right in front of my entire family.  It was traumatizing.
And, the other photo Ben sent me from the HQ offices: the light fixture in the bathroom.  Alonnnnngggg with some other select photos he took of himself in there.  Ok, I'm kidding.  But, that would've been really funny if he did.

From a reader:
I stumbled across your blog, and it is fantastic!! My husband and I CrossFit... while reading articles late one night I found your blog. I had just had our daughter and was having a tough time transitioning into my new role as a stay-at-home mom. Reading your blog each night helped me regain my balance... So thank you for being so open and honest about your life and motherhood.
I rarely even post status updates to my Facebook page so emailing someone I don't actually know feels awkward, but your post on Saturday ended with a picture of your nail polishes and a caption about Saturday night manicures and how doing it yourself beats having to go get your nails done... First, I love that you have a label on your box of polish!! Second, I immediately thought you should try Jamberry nail wraps. Are you familiar with these? They are made of a high-quality vinyl and adhere directly to your nail with a heat-activated adhesive. The best part is that they are free of harsh chemicals and last up to two weeks on your nails! There are close to 450 designs, and no dry time or chipping. Jamberry also has an amazing line of nail lacquers that are 5-free! Obviously, I am an Independent Consultant... Here is my website, if you want to peruse the various designs...
I'm going to send you some samples to CFNE...  It is a small thing, but your words were so helpful, so if I can help your manicure r-o-c-k....
I don't know why I always feel like such a bad person when I hear myself say this, but I'm just one of those people that isn't still in touch with many of the people I was friends with growing up, in college, or even some of the people I was close with after I graduated.

I've always wished that I had those few friends that I was born in the same hospital with, on the same day, and went to the same preschool with.  I've thought about how great it'd be to go home for holidays and meet up with all of them at the same bar we used to sneak into in high school and laugh about the stupid stuff we used to do.I

I've always thought it'd be cool to have those couple girlfriends that I roomed with in college as the girls that I call and text all the time, just like we did when we were 20.  Even when I was in college, I wished I had that tight group of friends that were inseparable: met at The Common for every meal, that went away on Spring Break together, that hung out on each others' bunk beds watching sappy rom com's.

I even talk to people now that still do that, that still have those relationships with people they grew up with, and I'm sort of envious of them.  I know there's a ton to be said about the sort of stuff you end up going through with people you've known your whole life.  It never ceases to impress me that you can grow over time so drastically, but still be able to maintain relationships that grow at different rates and in different directions.

Of course I can name a bunch of people I wish I had been able to do this with: Jana Karr (my best friend in high school), Brian Horan (my best guy friend in high school), Missy Ross (a friend from high school that I ended up being really close with after we graduated...until she moved to Hawaii and was 6 hours behind my East Coast time), Michelle Kopchak and Eric Vallecillo (kids that I spent every summer day with in Milford, Connecticut as a kid), Sarabeth Fleming (a girl I became super close with right after I graduated from Stonehill College), Sybil Gallagher (Alex's sister who was a huge role model for me on how to be a great friend and just all around good person), Pat Sherwood (who I used to work Level 1 Seminars with all the time and ended up being a really good friend of mine since we spent so much time on the road together).

I wish every one of these people lived on my street.  I wish we could have huge dinner parties with them and watch our kids grow up playing together.  Not that any of them really know each other, but they're all people I'd love to still be able to call anytime of the day or meet up with at Starbucks just to hang out with for 20 minutes.

But, does the fact that I don't have that with them make it wrong?  Does it make me a bad person for not keeping up with those relationships?  Is it something I should try to fix, or even start trying to at least make right with the people I'm close with now?

I don't know the answer to that.  I don't know if I should be trying to coach my kids into or out of certain relationships they have or don't have right now so they end up in a different place 20 years from now than where I am.

Am I doing this all wrong or am I just doing it different than what I think, and some people around me think, is the right way to do it?

I, honestly, don't know.  I'm not writing all of this to make a point, or to make me feel better about myself and the direction I've taken with friends over the years.  I'm just putting it out there because it's something I think about a fair amount.

And, the great thing about having kids is that if you do feel like you've messed up in your own life somehow, it's almost like you get a second chance through them.  You can teach them how to avoid the mistakes you made, and how to do make them right.

The hard part is knowing, for sure, if you did actually mess up and what the better way to do it is.

Now, my head hurts from thinking too much.

Monday, October 27, 2014

GHD Rendezvous

Things got a little spicy at our place tonight.  Bode's wishing Harley was still sitting in this.
This kid cracks me up.
We sent this gem to Ben who just landed in Cali for a CrossFit HQ meeting.  And, yes, those are Jonah's finger nails in front of me, not mine.
And, this is what he sent us back.
Then, we just started getting silly with selfies.
Bode kept begging me to take more so he could do his smile :)
Took our brown bag picture tonight so we could get all three of these little demons in it.
So cute.
This was from my birthday surprise overnighter.  The left is Ben's prediction of what my reaction would be when I saw the surprise party.  The right was what I actually did.  I'm impressed.
Never gets old.
Maya was in the back totally freaking out; she's never seen this before.
Little grocery run for us while Jonah was in Middle School CrossFit class.
Love the look of Bode's new Pumas, HATE how hard it is to get them on his feet.
From Bushey during their trip to the playground this morning.
My new favorite accessory: Herschel backpack.  I bought this online, but the picture made it look like a much brighter red and an equally brighter yellow.  When I saw this come out of the box, I almost sent it right back because I don't own a thing that's maroon.  But, it turns out I love the colors because they're not turquoise and butter yellow like everything else I own.
My two new iTunes purchases.

Today's bag.
A little demo action on the GHD with Flowmaster Eric O'Connor.
Okay, the honeymoon's over: this whole carpal tunnel surgery gig is starting to get old.

I got my left wrist done a week ago tomorrow (Tuesday), and am already scheduled to have my right one done next Tuesday.  And, while the pain is far easier than what I thought it would be, the training side of this is proving to require more patience than I had even anticipated.

I knew I'd have a cast on and stitches in for 10 days, but I guess I didn't think I'd have all of this, sort of, dull pain for so long.

It's just that I'm already starting to get sick of all the lower body training I've been doing: squats, box jumps, GHD sit-ups, hip extensions, and running.

So, today I decided to try a bunch of movements that I could try to start using: light dumbbell presses, Ab Mat sit-ups, plate presses, ski erg.  UGGGHHHH.  Nothing using my upper body is feeling good, or really even close to good.

And, to make matters worse, running the Harvard Stadium stairs yesterday only complicated the whole thing.  The problem is that because the stairs completely blew my calves and quads up, I've got very few muscles left that can function normally.

Well, there's a great chance that I'll magically wake up tomorrow morning and have regained 50% more capacity in my wrist.

But, in case that doesn't work, I may have another rendezvous with the old GHD again.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Last Photo Post; Back On Tomorrow

For our lunchtime trainer workout, Mike and I (Mike...2nd from left...lives in Cambridge and does this every week) took Eric and Rory across the street to run the Harvard Stadium stairs to give them a little taste of Boston while they're here from Portland and Park City.
First time I've ever used the timer on my new phone.  I'm still a little shaky on it, but it got the job done today.
Love the days when we get out of the gym and use the fitness we work so hard on developing and translate it into some real world application.
Mike and I went from Section 37 to 15.  Definitely going to be wrecked for the next 5-7 days.  And, definitely bringing Maya here to punish her for the 180 pound front squat she showed off with at the CFNE Halloween Internal Team Throwdown.
Meanwhile, Harley raged at Mike Giorgio's birthday party.
Ben took Bode to see the trains in Natick Center.
Took a snapshot on my phone of the video of Bode waving goodbye to the train and the conductor.  So off the charts cute.
The Bell's kids were at Mike's party, too.
Bode checkin' out the chicks.
Carey Collins' son, Luke, christened their new chalkboard today.  LOVE this!!!
When I got home tonight after working all weekend, got to hang with these two stud muffins.
And, snuggled up post-shower with this sweet baby girl.
MDV getting all sexy-time on this poor foam roller.