Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Photo Post

When we got through the parking garage in our hotel this morning, we realized that there were all these custom license plates everywhere.  These were the ones I walked around and took pictures of.  Yes, I looked so creepy doing it, but I couldn't believe how many there were.

Solo in the car wash.
Freddie's gettin' fancy.
Maya's game at Nobles' Friday Night Lights.  They won!

Rockin' his new Pumas and some yuca fries.  #livingthedream

Photo Post

Got to bring Bode to his playgroup today for the first time.
This guy owns the vehicle area.
Finally: Eric Church concert with the Giorgio's tonight in Manchester, NH.
When these three start up finance talk, I start up a conversation with the strangers on my other side.
Susan holds down the fort back home.
Train visits are always a winner.

Getting these pictures when I'm away from home make me so homesick.
I don't even remember why this photo was so funny, but it was something.
Ahhh, selfies.

These two chose us to get bumped up the pit in front of the stage!!!

Selfies never get old.
My favorite photo of the entire night with our photo bomber.  HAHAHA!!!
See?  It's just not the same without him.
And, now for the montage...