Friday, January 30, 2015

We're In Vegas, Baby!

HOW did Jonah do this with Emoji's on a text message yesterday???

The all-time greatest trick to getting a duvet cover on.  Before I go on and on about the exact directions, I'm going to go home and test it out.  Standby.

Soon happy.

Smiles for days.

We made it to Vegas, baby.


Looky what I found in our hotel.

And, found this bad boy outside the CrossFit we trained at tonight.

Wanted to check out this magic shop for Jonah, but it was closed :(

Got this email from Krystle Orlando.  Sounds amazing.  Thanks, gurl!!!
You need to try this green smoothie recipe. And make it for Bodes. And maya. Tastes like ice cream.
8 oz almond milk (water may work, or coconut milk, never tried them)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
2 tbspish cashew butter (I do a small spoonful)
3 ice cubes
1/2 frozen banana
Huge handful of baby spinach
Huge handful of baby kale

Best green smoothie ever. I think the key is the baby greens... Taste better for some reason!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Should Sleep Less

#TBT to that time I couldn't take my eyes off Max.
This is how I found Maya in a sound sleep at 6:15 this morning.  She's a nightmare.
She had to sleep in Jonah's bed last night because we smelt a gasoline odor in the basement/her bedroom.  We checked into it closer tonight and guess what it was: a stanky fleece on her couch.  She is so gross.
This little container fits an entire bag of spinach and a large container of mushrooms.  Incredible.

That's cold.
We nailed our timing over the bridge on the way to the gym this morning: smack dab in time to see the morning train picking up passengers in Natick Center.
Got to check these out volunteering at a Superbowl Class IV lunch at Nobles today.

Me and my girl :)  Sent this to her.  She replied with, "We're cute."  Ha!
This kid tried last night's dinner pureed in the Vitamix: stuffed peppers with sweet potato.
Squishy face!
Not an ounce of chocolate hit these lips today, but I crushed this.
After the burpee box jump workout, my hip was killing me (old mild overuse injury).  Chad Messina was in the athlete area taking care of people and fixed me right up.  Never felt it during these lunges, which is usually the movement that really aggravates it.  He's a magician!
"Oh, you did not bring plantain chips into the car wash."
I am full of bad ideas.

I think they're good ideas.  I think I'm sort of brilliant, actually.  I like to think of myself as someone who "thinks outside the box", but then I run things by Ben and he doesn't think it's quite that.

Like this morning, for example.  I lost sleep last night...a lot of sleep...thinking about how I turn into a pretty big baby after about 7pm.  I think all afternoon about how great it will be when everyone gets home: we'll hang out in the kitchen for a while cracking up over the days' stories, we'll sit down and listen to Jonah spend 15 minutes telling us about some random movie, Bode will beg us to watch trains on the iPad for the entire length of dinner, Harley will sit and watch how ridiculous her family is.

I, literally, sit around all day psyched to just have everyone together.

Then, 7pm strikes...and, I turn into this impatient, nagging brat that gets annoyed with Maya for bullying Jonah, scolds Jonah 20 times for leaving his stuff everywhere, racing around the kitchen to clean it up so I can start getting ready for bed, and being frustrated that our 2 year old doesn't want to eat anything but rice cakes.

If I'm not in bed by 8:30pm, someone's going to pay.  It's terrible.

So, when Ben came downstairs this morning, I told him my plan: I should start getting less sleep so I can train my body to function more pleasantly off of 7 hours of sleep instead of 8-1/2.

See, I figured that I've just gotten so used to going to bed by 8:30 that if I go to bed at 10 or 10:30, I won't start turning into such a witch until more like 9 or 9:30.  And, by that time, most of the kids are in bed or getting into bed so they're safe...well, safer...from me.

Even just reading my idea on this screen right now makes me realize how bad it is.

It's 3:04 and this post is getting me so frustrated with myself that I'm getting sleepy just sitting here.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Showered Today. Twice.

Total.  Fuzz.  Ball.

Stuffed peppers stuffed into the slow cooker.
All suited up to shovel the deck and dig out the grill.

Susan Weiss' latest masterpiece :)
I locked Maya and Jonah out of the car because they were fighting over who got the front seat on the way home.  I unlocked it for whoever brought me the best snack for the trip.  Jonah won with a corn thin while Maya came in 2nd with a bag of tortilla chips.  I actually wanted the chips, but Maya was bullying Jonah too much and I didn't want him to get tossed in the back like usual.
Harley Love thought she was the coolest because Maya took her in the 3rd row.  I don't think she's ever been back there.
I don't know.  I guess I must just be one of those people that needs to be busy to be productive.  I need to feel a sense of urgency to get things done in a short amount of time to actually do anything at all.

Take the snow day we had yesterday.  I had the entire day off: no brown bags to draw on, no snacks for school to make, no driving kids to after school classes or picking them up from practice.  I knew I didn't have to set a pretty little foot outside of our house for the entire day.  I even knew I'd have Ben around all day to help out with the kids.

Somehow, with all of that time "off", I managed to get almost nothing accomplished.  I didn't cook a single meal (aside from warming up leftovers...which I am totally back do people live without microwaves?).  I made my bed in the afternoon, which means I might as well have just left it unmade.  I didn't sort through the receipts in my wallet like I had planned on.  I DID do my nails, which is clearly a priority to me over making food for my family.  But, I did not even take a shower.  

Nope, no time for a shower.

I'm disgusting.  And, lazy.

But, today comes and as long as I have my training scheduled into my day, I call that a work day.  I made a big dinner, I shoveled the deck with Bode (mostly to have an excuse to take him outside for a while during Harley's nap), I actually wrote on this blog instead of just posting pictures, and I took two showers.