Sunday, November 23, 2014

Design and Oil of Olay

Halftime during the Pat's game at The Bergeron's: little game of H-O-R-S-E, but instead of getting letters as penalties, you have to run a lap around the house.  This is Ben talking smack to all of us and shakin' it over how he "forgot how to miss".
Max's text to me after annihilating a huge bag of Chipotle right before his private training session with a client this afternoon.
On the way down to Connecticut yesterday, I read Ben an article I found about beauty things that women do that drive men crazy.  One of them was overdoing perfume.

Ben agreed with this one, as he did with every other one they listed.  But, I had to explain to him that it's hard to get the perfume thing right.  If you put just the right amount on when you're getting ready in the morning (basically, one or two spritzes), you won't be able to smell it by the time you get to where you're going.

Obviously, you don't want to go crazy and go for ten to twelve sprays, either.  You shouldn't walk into a room and have everyone in it smell your perfume.

Ben described it perfectly: you should only be able to smell perfume on a woman if you're right in front of her or giving her a hug.  

While I think that is spot on, I think it's incredibly hard to nail what the "right" amount is.  

I guess it depends on what perfume you use, but whatever it've got to figure it out.

I have two bottles of my perfume: one for my bathroom where I get ready every day, and a travel one for my bag so I can reapply it a couple times a day.  That way, I don't feel like I have to front load it all in the hopes that it will last all day.

I love my perfume.  It's the same perfume I used all through high school and college: Design by Paul Sebastian.  It's one of those scents that I get compliments on almost every single day.  The best part about it is that it's well under $20 for a 4 ounce bottle; I can almost always find it at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

I recently caught up with an old friend who randomly met a guy from Stonehill College, where I went to school.   The two of them were talking when the guy asked my friend, Allison, if she was wearing Design perfume.  She said yes.  He said he's only known one other woman who wears it.  Allison said she only know one other woman who wears it, too.  He goes, "You're not talking about Heather Keenan (my maiden name) by any chance, are you?"  The two of them started cracking up.

I love that, though.  I love having a scent that people associate you with, especially if it's a good one.

I've always wanted a scent like that that my husband would smell on his sweater when he's traveling or something my kids would smell on their jacket when they're at school or something.  I even love when people hold Harley and they say she smells like me.

Whenever I smell Oil of Olay, it immediately reminds me of my mom.  She used to use it every night after she washed her face and got ready for bed.  I use the it now and will never stop because it reminds me of her when I was growing up.

I think it's nice to have a signature scent.

Just make sure you get it right :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

"Dressing Well Is A Form Of Politeness"

LOVE when James Hobart texts me pictures of him as a little boy.  This one's a winner :)
Mr. Potato Head returns from the bar: "Great! You stay out all night then come back MASHED!  Oh well, I suppose I'll put on some coffee."
This guy LOVES Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Kill Cliff bars.

Every single weekday, I go to CFNE to train all morning.  At 11:55, I pull into our garage at home and I turn my mommy on: I feed Harley, I change Bode and put him down for his nap, I play with Harley for a while, do a little cleaning up, put Harley down for a nap...and, then I make some decisions about how to best utilize the couple of hours I have to accomplish stuff while the kids are asleep.

The things I have to choose wisely between are: writing this blog, catching up on email, cooking, folding and putting away laundry, and showering/getting dressed.

With a rare exception for doctor appointments or some random project, that is what every single weekday looks like for me.  That's not at all a complaint, it's just fact.

But, the reason I bring it up is we came across a cool quote on a sign when we were down in New Orleans: "Dressing well is a form of politeness."

This got me thinking about how on that list of things I choose between when the kids are sleeping, I will almost always instinctively place showering/getting dressed at the end of my list of priorities.

It's not that I don't shower every day, it's just that I feel like it's the thing that can wait until the end of the day if I run out of time.  Obviously, if I'm especially funky from training, that one jumps up on that list.  But, it's just that it's the one I will procrastinate on all day if I don't think about it.

And, I know I'm not alone on this.  I see women, mostly, later on in the afternoon still running around town in their gym clothes.  I'm obviously not judging them on this because I do the exact same thing, but I think we could all use a gentle reminder that cleaning yourself up after training in the morning...or, just before you head out for the day...should maybe be the first, not the last, thing on our list of things to do.

Even as I sit here writing this post at 1:50pm, I'm still in my running sneakers, sweatpants, sports bra, and headband.  I look "fine".  I'm not smelly and don't look like a Mac truck just ran over me or anything.  But, I don't look or feel like I'm "dressed well".

Now, I don't care so much because I'm trying to impress anyone.  It's more that I'm just not enjoying all of this quite as much as I would if I were showered, wearing a nice pair of jeans and one of my soft sweaters, my favorite pair of Frye boots, lightly spritzed with my favorite perfume, and my hair was nicely brushed.

Because that's a different feeling than what I'm feeling right now in my workout clothes.

I also do believe that being "dressed well" sets the stage for more pleasant interactions with other people.  I'm not talking about being all blinged out in heels, fancy jewelry, and a boat load of make-up.  It's more that there should be some thought invested and effort put towards what we do to ourselves before we walk out the door to get after our day.

I believe dressing well gives us a pleasant sort of confidence and makes us walk around spreading a different sort of energy than when we feel...well...not "well dressed".  We are more productive, more positive, fun to talk to, and you just never know what your day has in store for you so you might as well assume you're in better shape for the unexpected if you just rally and pull yourself together.

I'm not sure I'm explaining how I feel about this topic all that well right now, but it makes good sense to me.

So, I'm gonna' call it a wrap, go shower, and pull something nice together before this window of nap time comes to a close.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Air Your #2 Out

I made Maya a tuna melt last night.  That earned me BIG points.
My new favorite sweater/sweatshirt from Jayme Faberman's store, Tobey Grey.  One of the softest tops I've ever owned.
A great, smooth easy drinking wine.  Loved this one.

Ben's Dad, Paul, and I are starting a little cooking class at our house once a week.  When he got there for our first "class", I told him the two most important parts of cooking were (1) really good music (we used the Dion And The Belmonts Pandora station today), and (2) a bottle of red wine.  So, we started our bottle of wine at 1pm.  But, it's okay because we were cooking.  What??
Made a great beef stew.

All this cooking went down while Harley bounced in her little seat for about 2 hours.  How is she so good?
Little 8:30am class social at The Local tonight!
SO much fun with this crew.
Alright.  We're going to keep this one brief because I'm still scarred from yesterday's post of listing out all of my flaws as a woman in a relationship.

Here's what I don't get: when (a) people don't use the vent/fan in a bathroom when they go #2, (b) why, if they do use the fan, they don't turn it on until after they've gone and are walking out, and/or (c) why people close the door when they leave the bathroom.

It's like this.  For starters, you've gotta' use the fan if there is one to use.  Flat out.  There's no excuse and the rest of us shouldn't have to suffer when there is a very fixable solution to that problem.

Next, just turn it on when you first get in there.  I get that sometimes you don't know you're gonna' hit it hard in there so it doesn't happen until the tail end of the visit.  But, if you go in there with the intention of making a deposit, get the fan going from the very start.

Finally, we've got the situation where you do your business and on the way out, you shut the door tight.  I get it.  You do it so you don't stank up the entire downstairs, or wherever you're at.  But, what really ends up happening is you're trapping the scent of your #2 in a small enclosed space, typically with no window or any way for it to get out.  I would rather it spread out throughout the downstairs and find alternate ways to air out than stay stagnant and locked down in the comparatively smaller space of the bathroom.

That's it.  Turn the fan on and leave the door open.

Done and done.