Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Being On Team CFNE Courage and The CrossFit Open

Added the Gainz sticker to the car seat.
Ben giving one of his epic talks this morning to the 8:30 AM class.
Caught this poor iPod tossed behind the stereo at the gym.  Man alive, remember when these things were worth gold?  Now, no one gives a damn about them.  HA!
Did this little grip burner with Tracy against Hamel and Harry this morning.
THIS guy.  I almost died when I saw this picture on my phone while I was cooking dinner this afternoon.
My little kitchen helper.
Can you make out the dog head that Jonah and I saw tonight???
It's funny how I forgot how much I love being part of a team.  Here we are, not even one full week into the CrossFit Open, and I find myself full of that feeling I had when I was on the CFNE Team A in 2013.

It's that feeling when you can free yourself of any selfishness and want to see other people succeed as much, if not more, than yourself.  It's not that I don't normally want the other competitors to hit goals.  It's more that when we're not in season and competing on the same team together, we sometimes get stressed out when other people hit PR's if we haven't.

It's a terrible feeling, actually.  And, you never feel good about yourself for feeling it.  But, in all honesty, if a competitor tells you they never feel like that, they are likely lying.

It's natural.  It's not natural to be a brat and storm off when someone beats you on a workout, tell them they "lucked out", or pull a Tanya Harding and level the girl on the platform next to you right before she locks out a 230 pound jerk.  But, it's natural to be frustrated with yourself when you wish it were you that hit the 230 pound jerk.

But, when you're on a team you get to remove that element of jealousy and negative competition with those people.  You become as interested in raising their level of fitness as you are in your own.  You think long and hard about making sure no one's slipping through the cracks, as if they were your own brother or sister.  And, every day you train with them, you get closer and closer to that place where you know them and their limits as well as you know your own.

It's sort of a crazy feeling: to instinctively know when someone is 1 or 2 reps away from dropping a kettle bell without them telling you, be able to figure out to the second how long it will take them to run 200 meters, or decipher from the mere look in their eyes what they want you to do.

I also love the way you come to know what sort of coaching and cheering your teammates work best with.  Some people respond better with the calm voice of reason that tells you how to move more efficiently.  Other people like all the "junkyard dog" talk and aggressive swearing.  Some of us like knowing where you're at every 5 reps, and the rest of us just get annoyed and overanxious with too much information.

It's not just knowing all of that information, though.  It's what you do with it, and how willing you are to be flexible with everyone for the betterment of the team.

Because that's what it's all about.  It's not about what's best for Heather, or Rachel, or Max.  It's what's best for the team.  There's a big difference there.  And, when you've got good team dynamics, it just happens.  You don't have to think too hard about it, you don't dwell on all the sacrifices you're making, and you don't complain.  You never complain.

You just follow Ben's lead...and, you do what's best for the team.

When you break it down to that, it's easy.

When I did 15.1 and 15.1A last Friday, I got 195 reps and 180 pounds on my clean and jerk.  When I redid it yesterday, I got 194 reps and 187 pounds.  That 1 rep I lost on 15.1 only dropped my individual score one or two spots.  But, the 7 extra pounds moved me up about 90 spots on the leaderboard.

But, that's as an individual.

Because of the way the scoring works and where my teammates ended up with their scores, it's was more important for the team to take my 195 and 180.  While it would be great to be 90 spots higher, I never had to bother giving it a second thought.  It sort of made the whole decision process really easy, with zero stress.

Anyways, I love getting to know the people on this team better.  I love coming in to the gym and talking the talk.  And, I love feeding off of everyone's positive, motivated, and focused energy around training, nutrition, and the lifestyle of competitive athletes.

I couldn't do this all year long, but I'm loving it right now :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Photo Day!

Just breaking down some walls over at CFNE.

A little voodoo floss mobility for a swollen ankle this morning.
Sent this to Maya this morning telling her I thought about her when I read it.
Little sunglass fashion show in the car wash this morning.
How do Bode's shades fit my face?
Found this little guy on my rear view mirror this morning.  Kristen Terry just may be behind this.
Snagged Jan's weight belt to put 7 pounds on my clean and jerk this morning.  Thanks, Jan!
Shoveled and blew the dirt out of our garage this afternoon.  That makes me want to train in there again.  I texted this picture to Ben immediately and told him we weren't parking our cars in the garage for the rest of the season in an effort to keep the floor clean.
Made Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps for dinner tonight.
Hung out at the gym for a while during Jonah's middle school class.

Incessantly watching the leaderboard all day.

Loving on the new counter at my favorite market, Tilly & Salvy's Bacon Street Farm.  I feel HUGELY lucky that I get to have this place right on the way home from CFNE.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Photo Post

Ben's birthday breakfast: egg scramble with veggies and sausage, bacon, fried eggs, aoli mayo, blood oranges, pumpkin bread, and berry vanilla smoothies.
"Bode, I have a surprise for you and Daddy!"
LOVE how Bode put his smoothie on his plate.  Makes perfect sense.  He, then, proceeded to dip his bacon in his smoothie.  Ben told him not to, then realized that it was a good idea.
We're back in business, people.  Bode got his train table back this morning.  He's SO happy :)
Present time: cozy pants from Ben's mom.
Wine from the Giorgio's.
Had to take the CrossFit Judges Course so I could become a certified judge for this season.  I love seeing poor movement patterns in action.  That picture on the right had me cracking up.
It took Ben and I about 2 hours to get through this thing, including having to redo the scenarios about 5 times...and, we're Level 1 Seminar Staff Head Coaches.  Wow.
Ben's Dad brought sushi for Ben's birthday dinner!
Baby Harley had a Fuel For Fire instead.

Kristen Terry and her daughter, Jessie, babysat the kids yesterday while we were at team training for the afternoon.

Doesn't her daughter remind you of Lauren Fisher?


Bode claims he likes cats...
not dogs :(

Kristen got this for Bode.  For real.