Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Katie Hit 2,000 Points!!!

Ben's breakfast: veggie scramble, chive mayo, peach mango salsa, and two fried duck eggs on top.

Bode and Harley Love's version of "playing hide-n-seek".
Completely cracks me up how men's upper legs are completely free of any hair and so white they're, like, translucent.
This happened on the way home from the gym and Tilly's.
Aggghhhh.  And, this happened: wiped out the granola from Jill's Super Bowl party.
Bode's smiling for the car wash selfies again!
Maya's game at Nobles today.

Right after her teammate, Katie Benzan, scored her 2,000th point.  SO cool!!!

The Nobles Fitness Center, where Ben and I used to run the Afternoon Fitness Program together and where we ran our first CrossFit New England classes :)  Used to rent the space out for a couple of hours in the morning when the students were in classes.

He's the creative one.
Sasha and I, collectively, pulled together a yummy Mexican chicken soup and rice for dinner tonight.  We even listened to Latino music.  We played one of Jonah notorious "games" during dinner, Harley walked around the house pushing her scooter and wearing my purse, just about finished off the 4 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies we bought from a neighbor, and just laughed and talked for hours.  It was dreamy.
When did she get so big?  She's my baby :(
Maya and Jonah fine tuned their handshake.  Ben and I, later, watched videos in preparation for coming up with one cooler than theirs.
Ben teaching Jonah how to "hear the vibrations from him speaking".  Bologna.
There is almost nothing else in life that bothers Ben more than people touching his face.
Oh my God.  He is dying right here.  Like, totally losing it.  And, Jonah knows it.
Had my night-before-a-rest-day glass of wine in my HB beer mug.
James sent me this to show to Jonah.  Jonah: "James is so cool."

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Never Ending Hair Saga

LOVE this new Yum Box I got for Bode.  It separates all of their food and each compartment is totally safe from spillage over to the next compartment.  So, the salsa stayed in it's little well, away from the apples, carrots, tortilla chips, cheese, and ham!  And, they're made so little hands can easily open and close them all by themselves.  Thanks for the lead, Lynne!
Jonah had some testing today that was pretty overwhelming for him, so I sent him this text (the last one).  I, then, took a screen shot of it and sent it to Maya.
Katrin Davidsdottir, folks.  She's a gem.
Got this from Sasha.
Sasha and Bode making no bake cookies for his Valentine's Swap at playgroup today.
Krystle gave me maybe the COOLEST mug I have EVER gotten today.  It's some sort of German stein with my initials on it.  One of my favorite gifts of all time.  LOVE YOU, K!!!  Already had my 1pm coffee out of it.
New favorite.

Gas tank was on E.  Saw this when I was about to step out and fill up my tank and decided it was too messy.  No gas for my car today.  #iamaprincess
Adorable tag from Harry.  Check it out on Instagram.
The 9:30 class spray painted this in to the snow outside CFNE today because they killed it and won the Nutrition Challenge.  Nancy Funkhouser won the whole thing!
 A little late night family snow time.  It's like night skiing...except, there's no skiing involved...and, it's in your driveway, not on a mountain.  So, really it's nothing like night skiing aside from it technically being "nighttime".  Sometimes, I sound even more intelligent than I actually am.  What?
Bode kept asking Ben to blow snow on him.
That's Bode's little body in there.
Harley wasn't nearly as adventurous as him.

Seriously, people. Sasha is AMAZING.  I didn't even ask her to, but she folded all of the laundry, moved over the stuff into the dryer, and put the kids' clothes away in their rooms.  That is worth gold.  Never even asked her to, and she never even told me she did it.
AND, emptied the dishwasher.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  #NAILEDit

I love our bed.  Love it.
I swear to you, I can't even believe I'm writing about my hair.  Talk about being dramatic and high maintenance.

I've gone through the chemical-free/baking soda & vinegar stage, the Moroccan Method sea kelp stage, I'm-only-washing-my-hair-once-a-week stage, the not-coloring-my-hair-ever-again stage, and now I feel like I'm pretty damn close to right back where I started.

Listen, I'm too vain to never color my hair again.  I'm not hung up on turning 40 this year or anything, but I'm also not psyched about the grey hairs that are, literally, all I see when I pull my visor down in my car.  Fine, "not psyched" is more like code for "totally pissed off".

Why can't I have turned out like Blake Lively in Adeline?  For starters, despite the fact that I want to be more like Blake Lively on a variety of levels, I am NOTHING like Blake Lively.  Secondly, that movie is a fiction.  Or, is it?

Anyways, I walked into the gym the other day and saw front desk Carly.  She's adorable always, but that day her hair looked fantastic.  I told her immediately, and she said that she had actually just walked out of the salon.  She proceeded to explain to me that she goes to Haircuts Ltd., to a woman named Chrissy who is "amazing", was in and out the door in 1 hour, and she paid $90 for a cut and color.

I am telling you, her hair looked so good that within a span of 3 minutes, I was the 3rd person that commented on how good it looked.

So, I got in my car and booked an appointment with Chrissy for 2 days later.  Done.

Seriously.  That price and a recommendation from someone who regularly goes to that woman?  How could I even think about going back to Jesamondo where I walk out 3 hours after I show up and pay over $200 for the exact same treatment.

Look, I'm not saying it's as aesthetically pleasing as a "salon", but who gives a rip?  My ex-boyfriend from high school used to say that all the time; I have no idea what it even means, but it fit there.

Anyway, it is what it is: Haircuts Ltd.  It's identical to a Super Cuts.  You don't feel good about the fact that you're going there, but you really don't care all that much if you walk out with that sort of deal.

I will say that I got exactly the haircut I wanted.  The color is just right.  And, I was out the door in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

So, if you're in the area and are looking for a deal like that, call Chrissy.  And, tell her this story.

While I was there, Chrissy was telling me about how she only washes her hair once a week.

Now, I've been there, done that.  It took forever to feel like I could go that long and not look like a grease head, but it eased up a little.  But, I NEVER felt clean...until the day when I got to wash it.  And, dammit, when I washed it I felt like I had gone to a spa for a week.

But, I honestly don't think I noticed any difference in what my hair looked or felt like.

What I'm trying to get to is this: if you're using clean products (minimal to no harsh chemicals), what's the big deal with washing your hair if you don't notice any difference?

I get that it's quicker/easier.  I get that it's cheaper because you're not using so much product.

But, you go through hell to get to a place that I really didn't think was all that much better than where I started.

It PAINS me to admit that, by the way.  I was all gung-hoe (that's definitely NOT how you spell that, but I thought it was a pretty funny way of working "hoe" into this post) on getting rid of products from my life...and, tried to get everyone I knew on board with me.

I'm just not sure that piece of my argument was sound.

Monday, February 8, 2016

ANOTHER Snow Day!!!

Storm coverage: "So, as you can see, here we have a plow getting ready to head out."  Yes, we can see that.  It's priceless.
EC's favorite show: Swamp People.  They need to use captions even though they're speaking English.  Amazing.
Good morning Face Time sesh with Maya and Kat.
Jill sent us home with these last night.  I think I just got diabetes from eating so much.

Awwww.  The little guyyyy.
Girl Scout Cookies are IN.  And, they're almost gone.
Maya DRAGGED me to the gym tonight against my will.  Literally, BEGGED me.  I gave her 25 minutes.  That's IT.
Bode has somehow managed a way to turn even Harley's baby doll stroller.
I just love that Morgan is fat kid hiding in a super-fit body.  It's like his superpower.

Max sending some love to his buddy, Jono.
Harley and Maya dancing together at the kitchen counter...