Thursday, July 30, 2015

Selfies, Errands, Smoothies, and Homeless Peoples Nails

In typical fashion, I showed up 20 minutes late to Ben's 8:30 AM class, talked Harry into being my partner (when he was supposed to be taking a rest day), and then proceeded to get after it with my selfie stick the moment the workout was over.  
I will say, too, that this Kill Cliff Cold Brew stuff is sort of delicious.  I don't do it as often as I used to, but I used to love stopping at Starbuck's on the way home for an Americano as a little transition from gym life to home life.  This could be a good new substitution, though.
Ally and I were about to take pictures of some information I needed at the bank, but when I turned on my camera, it was still set to take selfies from after that workout.  So, we took advantage of the opportunity.
Finally stopped putting off this errand.  I've had all these old stamps that were just pennies short of the 49 cents they need to be now.  I brought them to the post office and had the clerk help me get the stamps I needed to make up the difference.
Yet another errand I've been putting off for up to 7 months now: depositing some checks (mostly birthday checks for Maya, Bode, Harley, and myself).  When I was telling Rachel and Harry about it, they awakened me to the whole thing about how you can do it all on your phone by taking a picture of the check and submitting it that way.  Brilliant.  How did I not know that?
Maya thought she was such a wise guy bringing Skittles into our house and tempting Bode with them.  Unfortunately for her, she forgot them on the shelf...and, I found them.  I gave her a short window of time to remember to ask me for them, but she never did.  So, I texted her this picture today.
Love this girl.  I told her I was jealous of all the kids in that car.  LOVE driving a car full of kids around.  Seriously.  It makes my heart smile.
Cooking up a little green smoothie to keep me well-nourished :)

I TOTALLY forgot about my plants and how hard this heat would be on them.  Caught this poor little guy just in time.
This was, literally, three hours later.  How cool is it how quickly plants react to being watered?  It makes me think twice about staying hydrated, myself.

I don't know.  Something seems off here.
Rachel told me all I had to do was lift one side of the table up and that would fix it.  Okayyy.
Bode spent a half hour just repeatedly dumping cups of water on top of this poor little girl's head.
Bode "protecting" Harley from falling backwards.
How long can you go without completely, when you actually zip the suitcase back up and return it to storage...before you've waited "too long"?  Is it just some point before you need to pack again, or is that too long?  I wonder.
I think the universe is designed such that if you ever actually did "catch up" with all of the laundry, we would all disintegrate in to a cloud of pixie dust.
Harley is loving on Bode's bear chair that we inherited from Missy Gramer :)
I like this.
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  MY BACKPACK BROKE THIS AFTERNOON.  AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! like it's time for some shopppppppinnnnnnnggggg.
#NAILED IT.  Bode and I got SO fired up that we caught the train coming through Needham Center on the way to pick up Jonah this afternoon.
When I made that enormous burger run for the judges at The Games, I accidentally spilled burger grease all over my greeting card envelopes.  So, instead of acting like I didn't know there was grease all over the envelope, I labeled exactly what it was.  Far more pleasant than thinking it was something else.
No, that's not me holding the hand of a homeless person with ridiculously over-grown finger nails.  That's me holding Jonah's hand with ridiculously over-grown finger nails.
Now, I can rest in peace.
It's that time of the month again.  No, not "that" time of the month.  But, time for Bergeron Monthly Goals.  Standby for the other half of our family to post theirs.

Monday Photo Post

Kicked off this morning with some driveway art :)
Was running late at the gym because I was creeping surprisingly close to a jerk PR when I ran out of time to change for my dentist appointment.  So, this is how I showed up at the office.  Classy.
In case you wanted to see x-rays of my teeth.  Because, I know you did.
Dr. Fantasia was actually psyched to let me take this picture.  He's super fun.  I told him how excited I was to get this cavity filled, and he thought I was being facetious.  I explained that I was dead serious.  He thought that was great.  I don't like having health issues like this lingering around...and I'm sick of flossing this spot, like, 8 times a day.

This guy or girl must be a bad ass.  Although, it'd be fabulous if I saw an oldie hop into this thing.
Yet, another remix of this song.  So many remixes.
I, literally, walk around my house with my backpack on for upwards of 30 minutes sometimes just because I'm too lazy to take it off.  Seriously.
I cannot STAND price tags on things in my kitchen.  I must remove them immediately.
The note I left a new sitter today for when the kids woke up from their naps.
Back on this wagon.
Drove by this scene on the way to track night: a pipe must've broken and there was a flood in the street...and, this house had their sprinkler going full force.  Perfect.
Bode's make-shift fishing pole: a yo-yo tied to a stick.  In his 1950's romper for track night.

TWINSIES in our new "HB" hats from Hermosa Beach in Cali!

Rachel and Bushey in Cali!!!

BEN WON 1ST PLACE IN THE MILE RACE, and Bode tried to steal his ribbon.
Michele Letendre sent this to me.  She rallied and wallpapered her bathroom all by herself!