Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is It Worth It?

I feel like I could make a book of just photos of this kid on his little potty.  I have no idea why, but I love this little series.
Starting him early on the idea of reading actual books in the bathroom, and not using technology.
We're just soaking up every last second of this beautiful fall weather while it lasts. 
I'm not sure he'll ever grow out of the digger phase. 
Really feel lucky that we get to watch Maya's next 4 years of athletic contests on fields like this at Nobles. 
Unfortunately, I don't know a darn thing about field hockey.  Turns out most of us parents don't, but we're really good at faking it.
Was driving Maya to Alex's tonight and we started talking about something I, literally, think about many times a day...and, I know Ben does, too, because he often says it out loud which serves as a good reminder to me as something to always keep in the back of your head.

Yes, it's something we talk and think about a lot in regards to nutrition: ordering a desert after dinner, getting a sandwich instead of a salad, using sugar and cream in your coffee, cracking open a bag of chips during the Pats game, getting a side of fries with your meal just because it's Friday.  Sure, sometimes it is worth it, but most of the time it really just isn't for so many reasons.

But, this is something I call myself out on more often with things that have nothing to do with my diet.  Is it worth running through a red light at the Scrub-A-Dub intersection just to save myself two minutes of driving when I could end up getting pulled over or, worse yet, getting into a car accident?  Is it worth fighting with Jonah over what song we listen to on the car radio or should I just let him enjoy listening to Bang Bang for the fourth time in a row?  Is it worth stopping at Starbuck's on the way home to meet the babysitter even though I know it will make me a few minutes late?  Is it worth buying yet another white James Pearse t-shirt just because it's super soft and makes my boobs look big?

Again, sometimes it is worth to do some of those things (especially, the white t-shirt).  However, most of the time if I have to ask myself the question in the first place, the answer is usually a firm no.

Those are the small things, which are important for sure, but there are also the "bigger" things we all have trouble trying to figure out.  Is it worth fighting with Alex about whether I should give Jonah's nurse permission to administer Ibuprofen to him at school if he feels sick?  Is it worth having another kid?  Is it worth trying to compete on the CFNE team again this year?

If for nothing else, it's a good place to start organizing your thoughts, figuring out the pro's and con's of a decision, and finding some perspective on questions that you don't want to mess up answering.

Whether it's a big or little thing, being honest with yourself about whether something is "worth it" or not is a good way to make the "right" decision.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Photo Post

Took Bode to the Wayland Touch a Truck Day.  He spent the entire time in this ambulance.
Then, we conveniently went right down the street to Bode's "regular" playground.  Miss Ally takes him there all the time, so I knew when I took him today I'd run into someone that knew him but didn't know me.  Sure enough, we're not there 5 minutes and a woman walks over and says, "Hi, Bode!  OH!  Are you Bode's Mom???  I only know your babysitter!  Wow, you two look so much like each other!"  So funny.  I LOVE getting mixed up with Ally Bushey, one of the more beautiful people on this planet :)
Maya's field hockey team lost in overtime today :(  But, couldn't be a more perfect weather day for watching your kid's game.
Miss Goody Two-Shoes (whatever the hell that means), Mrs. Missy Gramer, sent me this picture this morning as proof that she immediately backed up her laptop after reading my post from yesterday.  Good girl, Missy!!!
Alex's daughter, Kennedy, is like the Baby Whisperer with Harley Love.
Ben took Bode to the Wellesley Duck Pond this afternoon...

They ran into Dave Hamel's kids there, too!  Unfortunately, Bode threw mulch at Chloe's face and sat on Quinn.  Total bully.
Ben will regret letting Bode eat an entire container of raspberries when he changes his diaper tomorrow morning.
Went to Harry's for a BBQ tonight.  Except, our idea of a reasonable time for a BBQ is at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon.  When we got there, it was just Harry hanging out with Dan Rogan.  So, we took over the dining room, ate our dinner, and left as people were rolling in around 7pm...which is, essentially, midnight for our family.
This is now James Hobart's room (looks so lived in; he, literally, has a mattress on the floor and a flag on the wall...that's it), but when we lived here it was the room Maya and Jonah shared.  Bode loved standing at the window and watching all of the activity on 135.
Meanwhile, James is our with the Froning's taking care of Rich's daughter, Lakelynn, with a bunch of other guys.  That scares the hell out of me.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How Much Would You Pay For Spealler's Programming?

Maybe one of my favorite recent photos of this kid.  He started "school" this week: 2 days, 9-11am, drop-off playgroup.  They're not learning anything, just hanging out.  It's perfect.  But, my favorite part of this picture is his smile.  LOVE it.  And, love the fact that he loves his babysitter, Ally, so much that he cried for 5 whole minutes when she left today.  I know that I "should be" jealous of that, but I'd much rather him love his babysitter that much than cry when I leave him in the morning.  At least I know he loves her that much :)
Laura Cohen sent this to me because of one of my recent posts on the idea of "just starting".  Don't wait.  Waiting does nothing.  You've got to start momentum somehow, and waiting doesn't speed that whole process up at all.  Just start, then you can figure out what speed or pace you can survive at.
This little Puerto Rican midget is little and mighty, but she wouldn't consider herself "creative" or "artistic".  Don't get all "ohhhh, don't discourage her" on me; she's just not, and that's OK.  She is over the top successful in a million other ways, she just has the handwriting of a 4 year old and has not a clue how to use a paint roller.  But, I do love her like she were my sister.
I love how obsessed Tracy O'Donnell is with beauty products.  It's unbelievable.  She sends me pictures of products like this that she's obsessed with, texts me wondering what color she should paint her nails, and photos of hairdryers that she buys because she's freaking out about her bangs.  And, she benches, like, 200#.
I LOVE when I get assigned projects like this at CFNE.  #ilovesignage
You have no idea how much time I spent researching these fonts.
I have committed to addressing at least 5 birth announcements every day.  It's taking FOREVERRRRR, but they'll get out before she turns 1.  I'm pretty sure of that.
"If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings."  The Far Side
Solo at the car wash :(
Someone's got an attitude problem around here.
I'm soaking up every second of sun time that I can until it's, literally, too cold to be outside.  Go ahead and judge me.  I'm fine with it.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm free to lay out as long as the house is spotless, the laundry is folded and put away, every room is cleaned up, kids are napping, and dinner is ready.  If that's all good, I'm free to play.
Our Friday nights: Beats, Quest Bars, Uggs, a good camera, protein, red wine, a baby monitor, iPhones, and diggers.  We, literally, spent a good portion of the night talking about how there's nothing more we could really want out of a Friday night.  #weloveourlife
What I'm about to preach about reminds me of something my father would say: "You really ought to make sure you're backing up your computer before something happens and you find yourself wishing you had listened to me."

We all make fun of him for stuff like this...and, the crazy generator he bought in case the world comes to an end and he wants to be able to charge his phone...and, the over-the-top detailed file he has of every single thing he's done to service his car (oil changes, tire stuff, when things are due next...everything), and the portable car battery jumper he gave me for Christmas one year (which ate up part of their budget for me and left me without the swanky jewelry I was hoping for) that has saved my life and countless numbers of friends and strangers' lives.

But, Cary Collins was babysitting the kids last night (total rockstar status for pulling that off all by herself, considering it included bedtime for them, too), and was telling us about how her high school senior daughter's computer crashed with all of her college admissions stuff on it...and, she hadn't backed any of it up.  Total loss.  And, total, complete bummer.

It's one of those things that we all feel terrible for her about, and we're quietly thinking to ourselves, "Phew, thank God that wasn't me."  And, we know in the back of our heads that we should prioritize going to get a couple of hard drives and just do it before our computer crashes and our entire life comes to a screeching halt.  But, it's also one of those things that most of us will just keep pushing off until you hear the next story about a friend who unfortunately is going through the same thing.

It is so easy.  And, the satisfaction and comfort in knowing that if anything ever happened, it would really just be no big deal at all is worth the chunk of change it costs to get a couple of external hard drives.

I did a few minutes of research on line to figure out what I should get for my computer, ordered them on Amazon, plugged them into my computer when they arrived, and I was good to go.  Now, I just plug the thing in a handful of times a month, keep one at home and one at the gym.

If anything ever happened to my computer, I would just buy a new computer (SHOPPPINNNNGGGG!!!), plug the external hard drive into it, and I'd be right back where I left off.

I got the same set-up for Ben.  He, of course, can't be bothered with the thing so I sneak behind his back and back up his computer for him.  I'm convinced he knows about it all the times I do it and just assumes I'm trying to steal stuff off his computer.  But, his thought process would stop there anyways.  He doesn't care if I steal stuff like that from him.  Until I go selling Chris Spealler's training program on eBay for a hot ticket.

Anyways, none of us are so lazy that we can't pull all of that off.

If you do it, and keep up with it, I can almost guarantee you'll thank me some day.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Wish I Could Tell Fibs

It wasn't my idea.  It was our UPS delivery man's idea.  Ok, maybe not that actual wording, but the general idea was his.
She's jacked.  And, yes, that flower is part of the shirt that Iris gave her.
Thank God for Paleo Power Meals.  I seriously don't think our family would survive without them.  And, this "lunch" went down around 10:30am.  Why does that always happen on rest days?  Why are we "hungry" more on days when we don't train than days when we do?
With their parents away, the young dragons would stay up late lighting their sneezes.
I know I just posted these the other day, but when they're side by side like this it's all just a little more powerful.
Turns out the Squatty Potty is more useful than we all thought.
Harry kicked Harley out of her bean bag so he could use it to do work.  Bully.
For the most part, this is a blessing in disguise, but I just canNOT lie to Ben.

No, it's not that I feel bad about lying to him.  It's that I can't follow through with lying or, for that matter, keeping something from him.

For example, and there are many, many examples I could draw from, I was picking up Maya and Jonah at their dad's the other day and was starving (which is really just code for "dying for a naughty snack and I know exactly how good their snack cabinet is).  So, I made Maya pack me something for the ride home.  Like an obedient little girl, Maya grabbed the bag of my most favorite kind of sweet potato chips that they had.

As you can imagine, I polished off the entire thing on the way home.  It's a long ride.  Like, 20 minutes.  Plenty long enough for me to rationalize why it was ok to polish off an entire bag of sweet potato chips.  Like, "they were bought at Whole Foods, so it's not really all that naughty."  Which we all know is a far cry from the real truth.  And, I knew that.

Anyways, when we got home, I informed both kids that they were not to tell Ben about the chip incident or I'd rip their pretty little heads off their bodies.

Maya immediately goes, "Mom, really?  You know you're going to tell him."

"No, I'm really not.  He doesn't need to know about that."


As much as I really believed I could keep it from him, the hot second that I made eye contact with the man, I held the empty bag up...tears building in my eyes...and, blurted out, "I JUST ATE THIS WHOLE BAG."

It's like me just saying that I'm not going to tell him, makes me feel the need to tell him even more than if I had just keep my big mouth shut in the first place.

He doesn't even care.  That's the thing.  He could care less what I eat, what I spend money on, or what You Tube videos I show Jonah (like the compilation of the best videos of people lighting their farts on fire like we watched yesterday).

It's crazy.  It's like he's God to me or something, but he's not trying to be at all.

It's sick.  But, it works.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Undies Or No Undies?

The Far Side: "Earlier that day, Lady Gaga had generously donated her old clothes to the homeless."
Ben forgot his watch at home this morning, so Bode brought it in for him :)
I had Harley do tummy time and told her to try and get the toy.  She laid there for about 10 minutes and didn't get any closer to it than when I put her down.  She turns 14 weeks on Friday, so maybe then.
I'll tell you this: the question with no clear answer that will be talked about for eternity in locker rooms all over this planet is to train with undies on or no undies at all?

To be totally honest, I don't even really know if there's a certain type of person that goes one way or the other.  I mean, is it generally the people that train with no shirts on that wear no undies?  For some reason, I think so but I'm not sure why that makes any real sense.

Just because you're comfortable walking around the gym with no shirt on doesn't necessarily mean you don't like wearing undies underneath your workout shorts or pants.  I don't think it's a modesty thing or an I-am-comfortable-in-my-own-skin thing.

And, it's not like I go around trying to figure out who's wearing, or not wearing, what.  But, I'll admit it: I notice when a woman's wearing undies...especially regular undies, versus a thong.  I've got nothing against regular undies, but I just cannot imagine wearing them while working out.

Thongs in a workout setting aren't much better.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of those things while you're squatting, or...well, there's a lot of other things that come along with working out in those things.  But, I do have a handful of shorts that must be accompanied by something...and, it's not going to be regular undies.

And, I don't even know where to begin trying to figure out what guys do.  I mean, there's boxer briefs, compression/spandex shorts, jock straps (don't judge...there are men at CFNE that use the strap and it's fiiiiiine), and I don't doubt for a second that there are dudes there that are going commando.

Listen, as long as you're covering up your business, you're fine by me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Luck Out When I'm Not Lazy

I went to see if this was my apple sitting on the desk in Ben's office.  When I picked it up, I knew exactly whose it was.
Well, we ended up at the pediatrician's today because Bode dropped Harley on her head in the living room.  He basically got to her before I could.  Turns out she's fine, but it was pretty traumatizing for Harley, me, and Jonah who was trying to calm me down.
Good news is Bode got really good at puzzles this afternoon in the waiting room.
Yeah, I think he's over feeling guilty.
Thanks to Carey Collins, I had a good bottle of wine to help me "recover" from this afternoon.  Her daughter got into a fender bender with Ben's car when she was finished babysitting one afternoon and after Carey got the car fixed, she left it for us with this little treat in the front seat.  Well, Carey, you saved this day for me :)  Thank you!
I feel like many times a day I have these moments where I luck out.

I don't necessarily believe there's someone up there "making stuff happen," but I do constantly find myself in situations where I'm thinking to myself, "Man, good thing I went back up to grab Bode's shoes otherwise I would've left without my phone."

It's not life-altering stuff like missing a train that ends up derailing, or anything.  But, it is stuff that definitely stops me in my tracks (HA! like 'train' tracks...get it?) for a split second and makes me think about how weird it is that I decided to do something that I wasn't planning on, if that makes any sense.

I will say this, though: I tend to "luck out" a lot when I end up doing something that I had to rally and not be lazy about.

For example, it'll be eating away at my conscience that I was to lazy to move the laundry over to the dryer before I leave the house in the morning.  So, I do it.  But, on my way to the laundry room I notice that I left my sneakers on the dresser in the hallway that I needed for the gym.

If I had blown off the laundry, I would've ended up at the gym with no sneakers to train in and either would've had to borrow some or drove all the way home to get them.  Which, either way, would've totally sucked.

Maybe I'm just subconsciously trying to talk myself into being less lazy by convincing myself that I'll forget sort of important things if I don't get better at this.

But, whatever my motive, it can't hurt.