Friday, May 22, 2015

Regionals: Day Two

Breakfast of Champions.  Not all that bad for a "Continental Breakfast" at La Quinta.  Zone balanced, at least.
I LOVE this camera.  I don't feel so far away from them if I can see them :)
Athlete briefing this morning at 7:30 sharp.
Little pep talk from Coach.
Harley was totally into the competition.
I just love the outfit.  I up-cycled this shirt last year for myself when I was pregnant with her.  Now, she's wearing it...over an entire other outfit.
Meet Fred, Michelle's boyfriend!
Bode watching his buddy, Mat, do "Randy".
With Rob Orlando.
Scored a new pair of my favorite brand of jeans, Relentless.  LOVE white jeans!  I've never owned white jeans before!
The Bergeron.
Found this, sent a picture to EC, she desperately wanted me to get one for her, I tracked down the manager to find her size, and got us both one.  YESSSS.
Favorite song right now: Before She Does (Live), by Eric Church.
Dinner at Plan B.
Love that Kassie and Tracy look like they're making out.

All-time biggest mirror I've ever seen in a public bathroom.
Fraser in O'Keefe's car, the most heinously filthy vehicle on the planet.  I told Ben to not even come back to the room because he could give me some disease from this mess.

Regionals: Day One

Caught up on some thank you cards today.
Ohhh, just hangin' out watching the landscapers...totally naked.  Normal.
I just don't think it could get any cuter than this.
I hope he never stops carrying stuffed animals everywhere he goes.
Maya called me as we were driving out of the CFNE parking lot hysterically crying.  She told me she went fishing on the dock at Nobles after school and got a fishing hook caught on her quad.  She just kept saying, "Mommy, it hurts so much!!!"  As soon as I hung up with her, I started hysterically crying and was trying to figure out if I should blow off Regionals registration and go to the hospital to be with her.  The only thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I knew my team couldn't register without me being there.  It was torture.
Didn't look that bad, until....
this picture came through.  And, the video they sent along with this.
Rest stops with this guy are something else.
Looks like Rachel left her purse at the rest area.  Weird.
I had no idea.
You can't even imagine how long this guy browsed the selection of jerky.
Meanwhile, Ali Leblanc held down the home front.

Selfies are starting to grow on me.
Pre-Regionals dinner out with both teams.

A little arial of Max just because he's so self-conscious about his hair from above.  He deserves it for all the scaring he does to all of us.
Ben taking a picture of me taking a picture of Max's hair.  Brilliant.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Bergeron's Poop Outside At Maya's LAX Games

My current favorite station on Spotify, and also my favorite song to play on the way to the gym: Before She Does (Live) by Eric Church.

Bode does not seem amused.  The car wash attendants did give him a stack of race car stickers, though, so he was psyched about that.
Nothing like an 11 month old in skinny jeans and Uggs.  I mean, I can't even.

Ate WAY too much cauliflower for dinner last night.  I informed Ben this morning that I was never eating cauliflower again.  This was the picture I texted him of what I made myself for lunch: more cauliflower.
There's something magical about an avocado that is in that brief couple hour long window where it is the perfect ripeness.
Still going strong on the trampoline.  Literally, using my blower on it every day right before the kids are going to use it so I can get all of the pollen and tree junk off of it.
Rough day at the office.  Yes, those are chia yogurt covered raisins from Whole Foods in that container.  Right down zee hatch.
Maya's game at Rivers today.
The Bergeron's: keepin' it classy right behind Rivers' goal.
Backed right up to the field, so I locked Harley and Jonah in the car like a big playpen.  It worked perfectly.
I have an incredibly steady hand.  If I were a little brighter, I could've been a brain surgeon.  I mean, actually, like a lot brighter.
She's SO cute :)
LOVE when my box o goodies arrives from ThredUp.